Magnum Chaos

by Neravendetta

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All songs have been recorded between November 2014 and January 2016 at Charcoals Studio, Cagliari, Italy.

Vocals have been recorded at D.I.Y Studios, Cagliari, Italy.

Mixed by Nicola Olla / Blacktooth Collective.

All music composed and arranged by FC except Sailing To Chaos, written by MP & FC and The Traveller written by and with Roberto Foddai.

All lyrics are written by FC except Sailing To Chaos, written by MP & FC.

Guitars, Keys and Drums: Francesco Carboni
Bass: Marco Piu
Vocals: Giuseppe Novella

Artwork pictures by NASA.
Neravendetta Logo made by Roberto Foddai.

Released October 17, 2016.

For infos or contacts feel free to write us at:



released October 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Neravendetta Cagliari, Italy

April 2006 - Cagliari - Neravendetta is born to create a black metal band.
May 2008: first live appearance, at Titty Twister, Selargius.

March 2009 - Neravendetta records its first promo.

2014: we tryed and failed to record the first album.

2015-2016:start recording new songs

Our First album "Magnum Chaos"finally out!

Today we are: Francesco: guitars, keys, drum.
Marco: bass
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Track Name: A Cosmic Journey
I saw that the sun was just another star,
each escorted by other earths,
No up, no down, no center
(The) revelation of this immensity Spreads the infinity.

It’s an endless space,
a dark abyss,
a primordial void,
that sucks everything,
in an endless space,
(like a) black wide open, throat.

We experienced a sickening moment of fear,
as if the bottom of everything was falling away,
but we summoned up our courage,
we spread confident, wings to space
and soared toward the infinite,
leaving far,
behind us.
Track Name: The Traveller
Hundreds of billions of suns,
which one is our?
It has been raised from the ashes of other stars.
See those lights flashing,
the blazing death of a giant star.
they (Stars) die and born.
they condense like raindrops from giant clouds.

To make the oxygen we breathe,
the carbon in our muscles,
the calcium in our bones,
the iron in our blood.

Is a void of matter,
cold empty space of nothing,
blaze of vanishing stars.
Track Name: Sirius
Dogs are running, to follow Orion, the Hunter,
to stands guard and to accompanying him,
on its hind legs,
with Sirius between its jaws
the dog faced angry

he throws flames by barking
and he doubles the heat of the sun
they are dogs days
and everything is dry and burn.

Once you find the bright stars
of the summer circle
his spit seeps
through his teeth like lava
between his blades
and you can’t look
it burns your eyes
and you cannot look at it
even if it’s far away.

he throw flames by barking
and he doubles the heat of the sun
they are dogs days
and everything is dry and burn.
Track Name: Aldebaran
When the Bull came to the land of Uruk ,
he began to step on the grass and reeds,
he went to the Euphrates seven times.

Enkidu faced the Bull
and grabbed him by the horns .
the Bull spate his drooling in his face ,
with his thick tail splashed his droppings.

Enkidu Opened his mouth and then he said,
thus he spoke to Gilgamesh,
I want Grab the Bull by its tail ,
I want to fill the earth with his blood ,

Between the tendons of the neck and horns,
plunge your sword,
Enkidu faced the Bull
and sockets for its thick tail,
Enkidu held him
with his two hands.

He put the sword between the horns and tendons of the neck
when they had shot down the Bull,
they drew his heart ,
and they laid it in front of Shamash,
and now, we can see the bulls fiery eye bleeding.
Track Name: Polaris
The mouth imagine of the horn,
that in the point beginneth of the axis,
round about which the primal wheel revolves.
that star, on starry nights
the seaman singles from the sky
to steer his bark forever by
a reference point that is certainly real.

In the summer, and winter
turning their dreamy eyes to it
it shines, the sharp point of the spear,
while meditating death.

in the summer and winter,
in peace and in blizzard.
Track Name: Vega
Into the eternal darkness
you can descend ,
go in search of Eurydice
within the gates of death.

If by the sweet sound of your lyre,
if by your charming voice,
you can assuage the wrath
of the stern gods of Erebus.

She shall return
to you.

From the dark region of Pluto
she shall return to you.
The Specters and the Furies,
astonished, try to drown.

May fill him with horror,
and may he be frightened
by the roars of Cerberus,
if he is not a good.
Track Name: Sailing to Chaos
Pray for me, my mother,
call by name the ancients
farewell, hoot today for the last embrace
the remember of my father, thirsty to have his rightful revenge
the deepness i call smother, many of us are yet whit them

Enemies of this war, victims of their madness
they still ignore, what kind of army is waiting for them.

Far. Far. Far.
Sharp your best swords, there will be no mercy for you,
the last supply to the chaos, all will be useless.

Alone in silence, I look the firelight
the sound of backwash, destiny in the unconscious sleep
walking through the fields, precious gold of our effort.